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 Unforgettable Luxury Celebrations/ Lifetime Memories 
Wedding PL, provides officiate services to all couples. As an award-winning minister, David Kabat strives to create modern ceremonies with passion and reverence that are also fun. He caters to clients’ unique tastes and desires, while helping to lift the stresses of wedding planning. David is a responsible minister and an entertaining speaker that speaks several languages.

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The couple and the guests can reach the place of the ceremony – a flower-decorated wedding bow – walking on a carpet covered with flower petals.  

The place where the couple make vows is decorated with plant and flower arrangements. We have champagne waiting for the happy couple, so they can make their first husband-and-wife toast. We also make sure that there is special music for this occasion,

 and we do our best to make sure to select a musical piece emphasizing  the happiness and splendour of this special moment. The whole ceremony, as well as the oath, are recorded by our camera operator and our professional photographer takes pictures of the wedding.


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