The couple and the guests can reach the place of the ceremony – a flower-decorated wedding bow – walking on a carpet covered with flower petals.  

The place where the couple make vows is decorated with plant and flower arrangements. We have champagne waiting for the happy couple, so they can make their first husband-and-wife toast. We also make sure that there is special music for this occasion, and we do our best to make sure to select a musical piece emphasizing  the happiness and splendour of this special moment. The whole ceremony, as well as the oath, are recorded by our camera operator and our professional photographer takes pictures of the wedding.

The husband and the wife, surrounded by their family and friends, can declare their love in a beautiful rose garden, in a park full of greenery or with waterfalls in the background,  on a beach at sunset, in a modern skyscraper in the heart of our city, or even on a yacht with a breathtaking panoramic downtown view. We simply make sure that we meet all the expectations of  our clients. Besides, the moment is fleeting and that is why it is important to make it memorable as long as possible.
We certainly also have the classical ceremonies in our offer as well, like the ones in a banquet hall, or at the Groom’s and the Bride’s home. We want to satisfy even the most demanding clients, therefore we guarantee that the ceremony organized by us is at the highest standard and all suggestions from the Bride and the Groom will be taken into consideration.
We organize the same gender marriage ceremonies as well, because a happy life is what everyone deserves.  Weddings of this type are legal and morally accepted throughout the United States.

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